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Can people cheat at online bingo sites

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Beating the house edge when gambling has been the top priority for players ever since games were invented. Whether they were played among friends, in local casinos or over the Internet, there have always been players trying to bend the rules. Bingo is no exception and even though most people try to win fairly, there is no shortage of individuals who would gladly resort to cheating. The question is whether this can be done and how likely it is for someone to succeed.

Bingo cheaters over the years

Compared to other forms of gambling, bingo has been relatively shielded from the relentless attacks of cheaters. Because of the lower stakes and the social nature of the game, it didn’t catch the eye of so many wrongdoers. There were, however, notable exceptions and over the years there were people who tried to find shortcuts to winning. Some resorted to fake tickets, while others tried to manipulate the software used by bingo hosts to improve their odds of winning.

The case of Brett Keeton, a software engineer who fixed electronic bingo machines in 2002 is one of the best-known examples. His approach was basic, but highly effective as he rigged the devices to charge five dollars for a $20 session. This allowed him to play for free and keep the winnings, until the FBI got involved and he committed suicide.

Back in the day, land-based bingo rooms used to be the only places where the game could be played by enthusiastic fans. Working secretly with the caller has been the cheating method of choice for many crooks. As long as they were able to get these key person involved and find a way to communicate covertly, they could cheat successfully.

Choose licensed online bingo rooms

Most of the instances where people have cheated while playing bingo sites listed at websites like bingosites.co.uk — were related to land-based locations and casinos. Today, the game is played more often over the Internet, as people have switched to online bingo. Specialized rooms offering the game and select casinos use the latest software to create a secure environment for their members. The technology used is virtually impossible to break, even by the most creative cyber criminals.

Bingo isn’t exactly the game targeted most often by the bad guys, but it still pays off to play at licensed casinos. Sometimes, the biggest risk of being cheated doesn’t come from fellow players, but rather the house itself. There have been instances of online casinos and bingo rooms who tried to cheat their players by inflating the house edge. That’s why it is so important to choose a licensed gambling operator, which is compelled by the regulatory body to abide by the highest security and transparency standards.

Online bingo rooms have added live chat features, so you won’t be missing out on the social nature of the game. At the end of the day, you will hit two birds with one stone, by having fun with like-minded individuals while being safe from cheaters.

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